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In Houston

Representing Clients Throughout Texas

One Of The Most Trusted Law Firms In Houston

Representing Clients Throughout Texas

Your Trusted Legal Defense Against Assault And Violent Crimes Accusations

If are facing criminal charges or suspect that you are under criminal investigation, remember that you are innocent until proven otherwise. To make your case, you need an experienced and aggressive litigator who will stand in your corner, regardless of how complex your case is. I am that experienced attorney who will advocate for your rights.

For over 30 years, I have focused my efforts to assist and guide individuals in Houston to fight against serious criminal charges. I understand the difference it can make to have a qualified criminal defense lawyer by your side. I am attorney Frederick D. Kelly, and I am ready to assess your case, discuss your options and represent you before law enforcement.

Building A Solid Case To Protect Your Rights

At The Kelly Law Firm, I represent the rights of individuals who have been accused of assault and violent crimes. The consequences of criminal charges can change your life and any future opportunities that you may face, such as lost jobs or credit opportunities. Some types of criminal accusations can also damage your reputation.

I am ready to address your case in the following matters:

  • Assault, whether a misdemeanor or felony
  • Sexual assault or rape
  • Homicide charges

You or a loved one could face devastating consequences if you decide to handle your case without an experienced attorney in Texas. You or a loved one could have the maximum penalties, including costly fines and prison time. I can help you fight your charges, help you learn and defend your rights.

Based on the circumstances of your case, I will develop a solid legal strategy and arguments to fight back against the prosecutor’s case. After all, they must prove your case while I protect your rights. You can rest assured that I will never give you false hopes about what can be done in your case.

Talk To Me First

Talking to law enforcement without skilled legal advice could damage your case. Call my office at 832-532-6752 or send an email today to schedule a free consultation.