What pilots should know about DUI charges

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2023 | DUI And DWI

Anyone who is charged with DUI in Texas may face serious consequences, such as having their licenses suspended or vehicles towed. However, those who fly planes for a living may lose the right to both drive and fly if they are charged with this offense. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your case, your pilot license may be suspended or revoked.

What pilots should know about DUI charges

You must contact the federal aviation administration (FAA) within 60 days of receiving a DUI charge. Failing to take such action may result in a suspension of your flying privileges even if you are cleared of wrongdoing in your case. If you have more than one drunk driving incident within a three-year period, you may be at risk of having your license revoked. The FAA may also decline to renew your license when it comes time to do so.

Other consequences of a DUI

If you fail to abide by the state’s implied consent laws, your driver’s license may be suspended immediately. Furthermore, you may be fined or spend time in jail even if you are eventually cleared of the DUI charge. The state can also use the fact that you failed to comply with the law as evidence that might undermine your criminal defense strategy.

If convicted of DUI, you may be sentenced to several months or years in jail or prison. This depends on whether there were any aggravating factors such as a child in your car or previous DUI convictions on your record. You may also be required to install an ignition interlock device on your car or attend traffic school before a license suspension can be overturned.

A drunk driving charge or conviction may have a serious impact on your personal and professional life. However, casting doubt on police testimony or other evidence may make it possible to obtain an acquittal or some other favorable outcome. This may allow you to retain your professional credentials and continue with your career.