Litigation against reckless drivers

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Reckless drivers could present extreme hazards on Texas roads. Motorists who wantonly disregard the safety of others may cause accidents that never should have occurred. Persons who lose loved ones or suffer catastrophic injuries may file a lawsuit to recover compensation for their pain and suffering.

Reckless drivers

People make mistakes behind the wheel frequently. Sometimes, a minor distraction could lead to a rear-end collision and property damage. Other collisions involve far more reckless behavior that involves dangerous moving violations. An aggressive driver could speed far beyond the posted speed limit and weave in and out of lanes. Such activity not only increases collision risks, and the impact at high speeds might inflict more harm.

Other reckless behaviors could include driving under the influence or otherwise being too impaired to operate a vehicle. Drunk and drugged drivers cause scores of disastrous collisions each year, but people could become impaired when using legal substances that make them drowsy or affect reflexes. While they may not intend to hurt anyone, that might be the result.

Compensation for injuries

Any person who suffers injuries or property damage in motor vehicle collisions might sue the responsible party if negligence leads to the crash. Reckless driving often involves moving violations that might support a negligence claim. Lawsuits could seek significant punitive awards to punish severely reckless behavior. However, many lawsuits could seek compensation for losses suffered from the accident.

Victims may miss work for extended periods and face costly expenses related to the crash. Legal actions could help those victims recover compensation for their losses. An insurance settlement may end the matter, although some victims might sue beyond the policy limits.